Provider Application Process&Renewal


Current Continuing Education Provider licenses will expire on May 31, 2015.  To assist providers in renewing their licenses please refer to the instructions below.

Continuing Education Provider On-Line RENEWAL

  1. You can now use any one of the following web browsers to access the renewal system: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  We encourage you to make sure that you have the most current versions of these browsers prior to attempting to renew your license.
  2. Go to, and either select “Renew Your License ” or “Licensee Login.”  If you have not accessed your account recently, you may be prompted to “Create an Account.”
  3. You will need your License Number and your Activation Code (which is the last four digits of your social security number or the last four of your FEIN #) in order to successfully create your account.  Note that your license number is not the provider number assigned to you upon approval.  If you cannot locate your license number, you can retrieve your license number by selecting “Verify a License” through or contact our office at (850) 521-0500, ext. 113 for “Continuing Education.”
  4. If either of these numbers does not work, you should contact Nancy Wilkins at the Florida Board of Professional Engineers at (850) 521-0500 ext. 113.  Once you have established your account, you may change your contact information, if necessary, and then continue the process to renew your license.
  5. You will then pay your fees and renew your license.

a.  FOR CE PROVIDERS NOT CONDUCTING LAWS & RULES COURSES - After processing your renewal please forward Nancy Wilkins an email stating you have renewed your license so your courses will also be updated.  The email address is

b.  FOR CE PROVIDERS CONDUCTING LAWS & RULES COURSES - After processing your renewal please complete the LAWS & RULES RENEWAL APPLICATION found at the bottom of this page mail to FBPE, 2639 North Monroe Street, Suite B-112, Tallahassee, Florida 32303, Attention: Nancy Wilkins.

c.  FOR CE PROVIDERS PLANNING TO CONDUCT LAWS & RULES & ETHICS COURSES - After processing your renewal, you will need to wait until the Board completes the official rule changes and then submit a new "no-fee initial application" for your courses to be updated.  The Board expects to have the rules officially documented to reflect the new rule in mid-summer 2015.  You will be notified and provided instruction on completing the application at that time.

If you have any questions regarding the CE provider renewal process, please feel free to contact Nancy Wilkins at or by calling FBPE’s office at (850) 521-0500, ext. 113.


***Important Provider Information About 2014 CE Requirements Rule Change***

Please be advised that due to changes in continuing education requirements for Professional Engineers made by the Florida Legislature in 2014, Continuing Education (CE) Providers will eventually need to update their Laws and Rules Applications to include continuing education in Ethics, if the provider plans to teach the one (1) hour of Ethics.  Although the statute change went into effect on March 1, 2015, the FBPE is still working to update the rules pursuant to the legislative changes made to Section 471.017, F.S.

Until the Board finalizes the rule changes, the Board is asking that all CE providers who plan to renew their CE provider license simply submit your renewal now.  Once the rule changes are complete, the Board will notify all CE providers who can then submit a new no-fee initial application that will include your course information.  We expect the rule changes to be finalized by mid-summer of 2015.

Additionally, the FBPE will not be providing instructions for using the DBPR reporting tool.  With the commencement of the CE audit following renewal in 2013, CE providers are no longer required to report CE credits for engineers.  Since some providers have elected to report and others have not, it has caused a great deal of confusion for licensees.  Therefore, FBPE prefers that no providers report CE credits using the DBPR reporting tool but continue to provide certificates to licensees as required by rule.  If selected for an audit of CE, the licensee will provide the appropriate certificate to FBPE.

If you have any questions regarding CE provider renewal, please feel free to contact Nancy Wilkins at (850) 521-0500 ext. 113 or send an email to

Continuing Education Providers and Reporting

In the 2014 Florida Legislative session, Rule 61G15-22.008, Record Keeping, Florida Administrative Code, was changed to provide that engineer licensees are responsible for maintaining sufficient records demonstrating completion of qualifying professional development hours for at least two licensure cycles (four (4) years).  All CE providers are still required to provide completion certificates to course participants.

For CE Providers, Rule 61G15-22.012, Florida Administrative Code, states, in part:

61G15-22.012 Obligations of Continuing Education Providers - To maintain status as a continuing education provider, the provider must: (3) Furnish each participant with an individual certificate of attendance. An attendance record shall be maintained by the provider for four (4) years and shall be available for inspection by the Board and the Florida Engineers Management Corporation.

As a provider, you should be aware that you are obligated to provide certificates of completion to all course attendees and you are also required to maintain accurate records for four (4) years.  Failure to comply with this rule may result in a loss of your provider license and the ability to provide continuing education courses to Florida engineers.


Continuing Education Provider Initial and Renewal Applications

If you are interested in becoming a Florida Board of Professional Engineers Continuing Education Provider, please select one of the applications below and forward it to the Board office. If you have any questions about the Provider or Laws and Rules Application, please contact Nancy Wilkins via email at or by calling the Board office at 850-521-0500, ext. 113.

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