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Please be advised that effective March 1, 2015 all professional engineers licensed in Florida will be required to obtain a total of eighteen (18) continuing education (CE) course hours in order to renew their licenses. These requirements are officially in effect for the 2015-2017 biennial renewal.  

Of the 18 hours, one (1) hour must be related to the laws and rules of professional engineers, one (1) hour must relate to professional ethics, and the remaining 16 hours can relate to any topic pertinent to the practice of engineering.  Continuing education hours may be earned by presenting or attending seminars, in-house or non-classroom courses, workshops, or professional or technical presentations made at meetings, webinars, conventions, or conferences, including those presented by vendors with specific knowledge related to the licensee’s area of practice. Up to four (4) hours of the continuing education course hours may be obtained by serving as an officer for a Board-recognized professional or technical engineering society. The required hours relating to law, rules and ethics may also be earned by a PE serving as a member of the Legislature or as an elected state or local official.  

Refer to F.S. 471.017(3) and Chapter 61G15-22 for a full description of the changes related to continuing education requirements for licensed engineers. You can view the statute in its entirety by going to the Statutes and Rules page under the Legal section of our website or CLICK HERE.


Continuing Education Record Retention Rule for Licensees

Rule 61G15-22.008, Record Keeping, Florida Administrative Code, states that engineer licensees are responsible for maintaining sufficient records demonstrating completion of qualifying professional development hours for at least two licensure cycles four (4) years.

Pursuant to Rule 61G15-22.006, Demonstrating Compliance, Florida Administrative Code,
"(1) In order to demonstrate compliance, licensees must attest to completion of the continuing education requirements upon licensure renewal. The Board will audit at random a number of licensees as is necessary to assure that the continuing education requirements are met.
(2) The licensee shall retain such receipts, vouchers, certificates, or other papers as may be necessary to document completion of the continuing education pursuant to an audit for four years from the date of completion of the continuing education activity."
FBPE conducts a random continuing education verification audit of its licensees in the month of June following a renewal cycle.  If you are selected as part of the audit you will be notified by the Board and be required to provide proof of completion of all hours related to your continuing education for that last renewal cycle. If you have any questions regarding record retention of CE hours or reporting please contact the Board office at 850-521-0500, ext. 113, or send an email to

Any person who was licensed as a Florida PE by examination during a current biennium shall be exempt from continuing education.  However, the licensee is required to pay the renewal fee. If licensure was achieved in the State of Florida by Endorsement (Comity) during a current biennium, the licensee shall be required to complete all continuing education requirements and pay the renewal fee. (See continuing education requirements outlined in this section.)


Please be advised that due to changes in continuing education requirements for Professional Engineers made by the Florida Legislature in 2014, Continuing Education (CE) Providers will eventually need to update their Laws and Rules Applications to include continuing education in Ethics, if the provider plans to teach the one (1) hour of Ethics.  Although the statute change went into effect on March 1, 2015, the FBPE is still working to update the rules pursuant to the legislative changes made to Section 471.017, F.S.

Until the Board finalizes the rule changes, the Board is asking that all CE providers who plan to renew their CE provider license simply submit a renewal application for now.  Once the rule changes are complete, the Board will notify all CE providers and can then submit a new no-fee initial application that will include your course information.  We expect the rule changes to be finalized by mid-summer of 2015.

Additionally, the FBPE will not be providing instructions for using the DBPR reporting tool.  With the commencement of the CE audit following renewal in 2013, CE providers are no longer required to report CE credits for engineers.  Since some providers have elected to report and others have not, it has caused a great deal of confusion for licensees.  Therefore, FBPE prefers that no providers report CE credits using the DBPR reporting tool but continue to provide certificates to licensees as required by rule.  If selected for an audit of CE, the licensee will provide the appropriate certificate to FBPE.

If you have any questions regarding CE provider renewal, please feel free to contact Nancy Wilkins at (850) 521-0500 ext. 113 or send an email to

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