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Florida State University College Town

At Madison Street . Situated in the heart of the Gaines Street revitalization area, between the Florida State University campus and the ongoing roadway construction...

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Cascades Re-Development Project

The redevelopment of the Cascades area, is a multi-million dollar project that entails a greenway plan for a 5.2 mile corridor through downtown Tallahassee, Florida.The park details...

Live Oak Waste Water Facility

FBPE Investigators took a tour of the Live Oak wastewater reclamation facility after some recent upgrades that included site development, a pretreatment structure with mechanical...

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CDS Manufacturing, Inc. Concrete Plant

FBPE Investigators completed a tour of the CDS Concrete Plant located in Gretna, Florida that included observing each step of their processes like how concrete...

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Florida State University Wellness Center

FBPE investigators went to the future location of FSU's Wellness Center to examine part of the concrete pouring process. The facility when completed will include 

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South Miami Hospital Clinical Expansion

One of FBPE's Investigators conducted a site visit of the South Miami Hospital Clinical Expansion project earlier this year with the cooperation of PM from Arellano...

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