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Verification of Licensure Form

Effective July 28, 2014, there is no longer a fee associated with submitting licensure verifications to FBPE.
If you are a Professional Engineer seeking licensure in another state or are an Engineer Intern seeking verification of
EI exams, you can complete verification requests by either going to NCEES directly or submitting a request
to FBPE using the form below.
To request verification from NCEES directly, go to  You can then select the Board to
which you are submitting an application and complete the interactive form to submit your request.
To request licensure verification with FBPE:
1. Download our form if a form was not provided by the state of application.

2. Complete Name, Certificate/License # and Name and Address of State requesting the record of
verification (the "To" section).

3. Forward the form to our office at the following address: FLORIDA BOARD OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS,
Attention: Verifications, at 2639 N. MONROE STREET, SUITE B-112, TALLAHASSEE FL 32303.

4. FBPE will complete the form from our records and forward to the state to which you are currently
making an application. Please provide an addressed envelope to forward the completed verification form
to the state of application.


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