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How Can I Tell If An Engineer Has Been Disciplined?
Created on Monday, 23 January 2012 15:24

Cease & Desist
– when an unlicensed individual or company has either practiced engineering without a license or a company has offered engineer services without a certificate of authorization a Cease & Desist  will be issued advising the offender to cease the activity.  If a second complaint for the same activity is filed after a Cease & Desist has been issued, the Board will generally forward those cases to the State Attorney’s office in the county where the individual or business resides for criminal prosecution.

Citation – a Citation is issued in lieu of disciplinary action for certain relatively minor transgressions, which the Board has determined can be resolved by the payment of a fine and compliance in the future.  For instance, if a professional engineer or certificate of authorization holder either practices engineering or offers engineer services without proper license/certification for a short period of time, a citation can be used to penalize the professional engineer or certificate of authorization holder and resolve the matter without further Board action provided the licensee brings their license/certificate current.
Legally Insufficient – when a complaint that was filed has been reviewed and found (1) to have no facts that would justify investigating the complaint or, (2) that the complaint alleged a violation of law that was outside the purview of the Board to take action, it is deemed to be legally insufficient.  This method of closure is most often used when a complaint is filed regarding something that is not in the Board’s jurisdiction, for example, a complaint that an engineer is practicing another profession, or a complaint for unlicensed activity when no unlicensed activity has occurred, or a complaint for an issue that is not a violation of the Board’s laws and rules.

Closing Order – when a complaint is legally sufficient, has been fully investigated and reviewed by the Probable Cause Panel, and found to have no violation of the Board’s laws and rules, a Closing Order will be issued.

Letter of Guidance – a Letter of Guidance will be issued when there is probable cause for the PCP to believe that a violation of the Board’s laws and rules occurred, that the violation is relatively minor and, in the PCP’s opinion is such that it does not rise to the level of having an Administrative Complaint issued.  A Letter of Guidance generally gives the professional engineer a written warning of certain behaviors to avoid in the future. A Letter of Guidance does not constitute discipline of a PE’s license.

Final Order – a Final Order means that disciplinary action has been taken against a professional engineer or a company that hold a certificate of authorization.  Current cases are summarized and posted on the Board’s website until the offender completes probation and other PCP recommended penalties imposed by the Board where applicable.

If you are aware of an engineer that has been disciplined but cannot locate them on the current list under the legal section, you can submit a public records request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .